Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingAsk any business which form of marketing works best, and almost all will agree–word of mouth. It costs nothing (in most cases) and works incredibly because people trust what their friends say.

Now imagine the power of word-of-mouth, combine it with the internet and you've got social media marketing!

With social networks like Facebook, Twitter and now Google Plus every second person has a broadcasting medium to tell their friends what they're doing, who they're doing it with and where. However, it doesn't stop there.

When it comes to being social, people tend to be very open about what they like and don't like, and that pertains to the interaction with your business as well.

You need to make sure you are there to be liked, encourage those who "like" you to spread the word, and be available to diffuse the situation when an unhappy customer decides to complain.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Unlike regular old word-of-mouth your efforts can be measured. You can easily see how many people like you, follow you, interact with you, and ultimately purchase from you. It's a whole new world of marketing!

It also beats any other form of marketing–TV ads, magazines, newspapers, it's all just one-way communication. With social media you can communicate with your audience, notify them of specials or new products, get feedback from your audience, and even have a regular old conversation with your customers.

What We Can Do For You

To stand out from the crowd, you need to customize your profiles to suit your business. That's exactly what we do. With designs that match your branding, customers feel at home and are assured that they are indeed following your business.

With custom Facebook pages, we can implement competitions that encourage your fans to share your page as well as attract new fans. We also accomplish this with what they call "fan gating", a page that encourages a user to like your Facebook page before being able to view "special" content.

We also provide social media training for businesses. It's essential to know:

  • the social etiquette
  • how to respond in certain situations
  • when to post updates
  • what updates to post
  • what tools to use
  • how to track your social media efforts.
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    • Twitter Account Creation

    • Custom Twitter Profile Design

    • Brand & Industry Monitoring (Setup)

  • Facebook Page Setup


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    • Facebook Page Account Setup

    • Custom Profile Image Design

    • Custom Photo Strip Design

    • Custom Facebook Landing Page

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