CAS Relaunched, A New Beginning

06 Sep 2011
Written by MJ Meyer

Welcome back, some would say. The truth is though, we were never away, but like the old adage that the "Shoemakers children has no shoes" stood true for the first part of our beginnings.

Some companies would have an exciting story right about here. A story where they were acquired for a few million, landed in some inheritance money, or got that ever eluding tender from the government that set them free to do what they want.

No. Not us. We've just been working hard, learning new skills as we go along, and each time we're able to provide a new service we don't really advertise it. So this is what CAS 2.0 is all about. Showing you what we can do, what you can achieve as a business, and what running a successful business on the net could be like.

From Here On Out

We promise to be good web citizens! Or at least we'll try. Maybe not up to the minute updates, although you could follow us on twitter for this, but at least some weekly updates as well as tips. Especially tips.

We have lots of knowledge ranging from website design tips, mobile design, email marketing, social media etc. and we'd love to share it with everyone. So stay tuned. Become a Facebook fan, follow us on Twitter, or leave your email address at the bottom of our site.

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