Friday Favourite Website #2 - Caffe Uno

25 Nov 2011
Written by MJ Meyer

What's Friday Favourite?

We always receive questions about good web design, and what it looks like. So we decided to start a new series of posts, our Friday Favourites! Showcasing what we believe is the best in web design around the world...

About Caffe Uno

It's all in the name really. But they say it best: "Caffè Uno is the perfect place to enjoy great food & drink throughout the day." They have a few Cafe's around the UK.

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What We Love About Their Website

Wow. I was really blown away when I saw this design. The subtle use of textures, especially the grey brick texture truly makes it stand out, and yet it still has a very clean look and feel. Even though there are quite a lot of textures used, they all play together well.

Notice the beautiful images used on the homepage, well everywhere for that matter. I can't stress this enough, beautiful images just make a design extraordinary! If you're looking to have a website designed, make sure you either hire a very good photographer, or get quality images from a source like

On a final note, the functionality on this website is absolutely awesome. Have a look at their menu page. The layout of all the items, as well as the different courses is really well thought out, easy to read, and just a pleasant experience.

There are so many other things I love about this site, but I'll leave them for you to spot!

Tell us what you love about this website, or maybe even don't like in the comments below...

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