Friday Favourite Website #3 - Lanikai Properties

02 Dec 2011
Written by MJ Meyer

What's Friday Favourite?

We always receive questions about good web design, and what it looks like. So we decided to start a new series of posts, our Friday Favourites! Showcasing what we believe is the best web design around the world...

About Lanikai Properties

A full-service real estate firm located in Oahu, Hawaii, Lanikai Properties offers experience and expertise to buyers and sellers of Hawaiian homes, condos, and other residential properties and is owned by professional Realtor®, Allison Green.

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What We Love About Their Website

You should know by know we're suckers for detail and boy is there some stunning detail in this website. It's beautiful, clear and to the point. From opening the website you can clearly see they're a real estate company and one in a stunning location–Hawaii!

If the colours didn't give it away then I really don't know. It just resonates Hawaii with the blue, green and orange colour scheme. The menus that are all askew gives you a feeling of easy going and freedom. You know the "kick of your shoes and just relax" feeling.

Just one teeny tiny little thing... I just don't like how their newsletter subscription is tucked away right at the bottom corner of the website! I barely saw it. Otherwise I love their website and feel its accomplished the goal. Making me want to live there! So who's coming with?

What do you think? Like it? Hate it? What would you improve? Tell is about it in the comments below...

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