Friday Favourite Website #4 - Master Grinding

09 Dec 2011
Written by MJ Meyer

What's Friday Favourite?

We always receive questions about good web design, and what it looks like. So we decided to start a new series of posts, our Friday Favourites! Showcasing what we believe is the best web design around the world...

About Master Grinding

"We're dedicated to our local customers here in New Jersey and the Greater New York area. Hundreds of restaurants, pizza shops, cafeterias, delis, supermarkets, meat cutters and plenty of other food service professionals know they can always depend on Master Grinding. Plus, we continue to have individuals stop by the shop to get their personal knives sharpened or check out our great cutlery and restaurant supplies."

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What We Love About Their Website

I've always had a soft spot for black in Web Design. Especially websites that showcase a product. The black with the crisp image of the knife just makes it pop. Another thing to look out for is their subtle use of gradients. It's really done well and gives the website a very modern feel.

Most importantly though, when opening the site for the first time, there's no guess work as to who thee are or what they do. I can tell what they're about within the first 5 seconds. Good for keeping your bounce rates low and getting your visitors to stay longer!

My only critique

On the inner pages they have some code that's loading in from an external source. Some kind of SEO tracking software. This takes more than a minute, if not longer, to load causing their tabs to break. Other than that I can't really find anything drastically wrong...

What do you think? Like their website? Hate it? Tell is about it in the comments below...

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